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Langgan saluran Telegram kami untuk kemaskini berita baharu dan isu terkini. 

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Facebook Group Post Script – Rivers Psychology

To the admins, please delete my post if you think it is not a good fit for the group.

First of all thanks for the many advices I got from this group, you guys all rock 🤘

So, I wanted to give back some value to the community as well…

I was doing a lot of research lately on [topic/niche] and found very interesting facts and tips 

on how to [topic/niche/interest] 🔥 with [sub niche]. So, I posted on my blog. It explains how [Topic/Niche] works and how to [increase/boost/reduce/optimize] with []


You can read it here: [site.com]

Let me know what do you think, looking for your comments. 



Facebook Comments Script

Here is my very own journey with [topich/niche]

Usually [sub topic] requires a lot of dedication and work. I had my own experience with it, I did a lot of research online and offline. I tried many different think to accelerate/reduce my [niche/topic], and eventually found the way that worked the best for me. So, I posted how i did it on my blog, you can read here: [site.com]
Would love to get some feedback from you.

Facebook Chat Script

Message 1

Hey, I saw you are a member of [group name]. I was wondering did you get any good info or tips from this group?

Message 2

Nice or Hmm! Yeah, I was doing a lot of research myself lately and found a lot of tips just browsing google, overall all the information is out there you just have to find it right 😁🙏

Message 3

Yeah, I have my personal blog that I usually post all my findings there, let me know if you want I can share it with you, loud also love to get some feedback for new tips/tricks that I can add to the blog if you have any.


Message 4

Sure here is the blog: site.com